Aircraft Needed

Have an airplane you aren't using? Donate it! 100% tax deductible! For more information email us at

Who we are

Arkansas Pilots For Christ is a chapter of Pilots For Christ International. Pilots For Christ International ( is a non-denominational ministry of pilots and aviation enthusiasts, dedicated to promoting the Gospel and sharing God's love through aviation.

7th Annual Flights for Christ Fundriaser

APFC held our 7th annual Flights for Christ Fundraiser on May 19th of this year. I can't begin to thank all of you who came out to support the ministry of APFC. Because of your financial support we are able to provide travel assistance to families who are usually in a pretty tough spot. By coming out and taking a plane ride with us and making that donation you now become a partner with us on every mission we fly. The bottom line is, we couldn't do it without you! Many of you who come out every year to support us and we can't thank you enough! We have tentatively scheduled our next FFCFR for May 18, 2019. I know it seems like a long time until May but it will be here before you know it! If you have not come out in the past we hope you will make it a point to come out and take a ride with us and show your support for a great cause!! See you in May!! "They shall mount up with wings as eagles".

APFC was privileged to transport 10 year old Aimeelya and her mother Holly back home to Jonesboro Arkansas after a week long trip to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Aimeelya is suffering from a rare blood disorder. Please keep this precious family in your prayers.

Request Our Services

If you or a loved has need of transportation and meets the requirements listed below, or if you would like a Pilots for Christ representative to speak at your church or organization please contact us via email at, or call 870-236-3809, to request our services. Arkansas Pilots for Christ serves a 300 mile radius of Paragould Arkansas, however, in some cases we can make connections with other PCI chapters when there's a need for a longer flight.

To Qualify for Transportation

1. All patients requesting transportation must be ambulatory. We are not, nor do we claim to be, a certified air ambulance service or medical provider.

2. Family members of patients requesting transportation must be immediate family (or legal guardian) with no acceptable commercial or ground alternative. (i.e. restricted by time, money, or physical limitations)

3. All patients or family members or a legal guardian must be willing to sign a waiver of responsibility freeing Arkansas Pilots Christ Inc. of any legal responsiblilty for the health of the passenger(s), before, during, or after the flight.

Paragould, Arkansas, United States
APFC, a chapter of PCI is dedicated to sharing God's love with those whom we serve through aviation. We accomplish that through several different ministries in which we are involved. (1.) We fly ambulatory patients to clinics and/or hospitals for treatment. As well as families of patients. (2)We distribute Bibles to local airports around the tri-state area of Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee. (3)We witness at airshows and do presentations for church services Bible Schools and civic organizations. We are supported financially by donations from churches and individuals as well. "They will mount up with wings as eagles"....